Corporate Document Template Design: Corporate Branding. Corporate Identity.

The Solution You Need!

Office Experts Group have developed an advanced Corporate Word Template Solution to enable users to effectively and efficiently create corporate documents in house. These documents are created under a controlled environment, therefore only allowing formatting that is consistent to your branding guidelines.

  • Users will have access to approved prebuilt styles and colour pallet, based on your specifications
  • Your brand will be secure as users will not have the ability to edit fonts or font sizes from the Home tab
  • Pasted text is inserted under a controlled environment which ensures only your corporate fonts are permitted
  • Your documents will no longer be ruined by external formatting corrupting your styles and functionality
Corporate Document Template Design: Corporate Brochure Template
Business Success with Office Experts

No More Headaches!

We can help you put an end to messy documents that break corporate branding.

  • No more unauthorised formatting from user pasted content
  • No more unauthorised formatting being populated into the content and styles, disturbing headings and list numbering orders, and creating tables and graphs with incorrect colour themes
  • No more user manipulated colours, fonts and font sizes

We’ll Put You Back In Control!

  • Control content inserted from other documents
  • Pasted text will look for default Word styles such as Headings and ‘Normal’, applying your correct styles to them.
  • Unknown formatting will default to the ‘Normal’ style
  • Tables will have the default table style applied for consistent branding

With our master templates, users can create sub templates in house under our controlled template environment.

Publication Document Template Design: Modern Template

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